Intuitive Readings

Intuitive sessions create clarity and foster ground for innovative thinking and project completion, while strengthening focus for personal and professional flight. 

Spark your creativity, declutter your path, and embody your visions and voice. 


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Single Sessions

Meredith has worked with individuals and business leaders in over ten countries. These online, 90-minute calls include an extra 30-minutes of notes taken post session and sent to you via email to remind you of the shifts that have taken place, and the 'anchor points' to keep them IN place. 

3, 6 or 12-session series

Some clients choose to work weekly in shorter 30-minute sessions to ground themselves in daily practices with tools that are specific to their unique situation. These are paced to meet your schedule and support you along a path of transition as you empower your creative and personal goals. 

Self Help videos

Getting in touch with our inspiration and intuition requires being in touch with our bodies. Meredith has been raised in, and is a teacher of, Somatic Stretch® and offers videos to help keep you 'touching base' with your intentions as you increase your personal health.  

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About Meredith

Meredith is a researcher, writer, practitioner and educator within the world of somatic (body/mind) exploration. Trained in Shiatsu and Acupuncture in the early 90's and raised within a family of pioneers from both Western and alternative healing modalities, Meredith works with people from around the globe. She has spent 25 years researching the body and the geometric precision of the nervous system, and it is this direct training from the body that has given her the ability to read bodies from a distance and offer valuable insight to others. 

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Session costs

An economy of mutual support (rather than 'just acquiring') is an important evolution in our world of sales and reciprocity. 

As 'distance work' via zoom or skype seems a bit 'out there' for some, I offer a partial or full refund - based on your choice - if clients are not fully satisfied.

90-minute sessions are offered at $275 USD. Session packages are paid in advance and are recommended only after a minimum of one 90-minute session. Packages are as follows:

3 sessions: $765 ($20 off each session: savings of $60)

6 sessions: $1470 ($30 off each session: savings of $180)

12 sessions: $2760 ($45 of each session: savings of $540)

After an initial 90-minute session, 30-minute 'upkeep' sessions are also available if you are looking for some regularity in building a daily practice, or grounding in any new insights or lifestyle choices that were uncovered in the initial 90-minute meeting together. 

These sessions are $75 for 30-minutes with reduced packages as follows: 

1 session: $75

3 sessions: $195 ($10 off each session: savings of $30)

6 sessions: $378 ($12 off each session: savings of $72)

Learn more about my work here. 

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Find out more. About you.

Having someone who doesn't know you share with you things you dream about but were too afraid to jump into can be a powerful catalyst. If knowing how to amplify that inner communication (called your intuition) and inspire your creativity is a direction you have been wanting to go, send me an email to find out more or to book a session.


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